Featured Alumni

On this page is an archive of our Featured Alumnus/a Newsletters of the HLSAE.

  • HLSAE Featured Alumnus - September 2022

    Interview with Volodymyr Shkilevych LL.M.’12: "I believe in justice, and I believe that justice will prevail"

  • HLSAE Featured Alumna - December 2022

    Interview with Saadet Yüksel LL.M.’11: "I encourage young lawyers to aim to give back to the causes they hold dear"

  • HLSAE Featured Alumni - March 2023

    Interview with Michele Piergiovanni LL.M.’03: "I like the sense of doing something that goes beyond my day-to-day work, contributing -in a small way- to the broader European project."

  • HLSAE Featured Alumni - June 2023

    Interview with Grigory Vaypan LL.M.’13 "A lawyer is someone who speaks out to the public about the abuses carried out by the government."

  • HLSAE Featured Alumna - September 2023

    Interview with Ekaterine Gureshidze LL.M. ’99: "I have been very fortunate to meet some incredible people in my life, who taught me and inspired me and helped me in shaping my education and career."

  • HLSAE Featured Alumna - December 2023

    Interview with Francine Vanderstricht LL.M. ‘72: "If chance includes meeting the right people at the right time, then I have had a lot of it."